Prof. Martha Kibukamusoke has published a number of journal articles, books and book chapters

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The nature of human intelligence: can man re-create himself in silicon and iron? Kataike, C. Basheka. B. & Kibukamusoke, M. (2019) (ICTM-18 conference presentation) Evidence-Based decision making and effective implementation of public policy in Uganda: A case of the agricultural sector. Kibukamusoke, M. (upcoming) Women empowerment through ICT for service delivery in Northern Uganda under review with Cavendish Journal of Social Sciences and Management (CJSSM). Kibukamusoke, M. National symposium on intellectual property (IP) education and use of the IP system by universities and research and development institutions (to be presented during the Intellectual property symposium April 2017 24th - 25th, Hotel Africana). Kibukamusoke, M. Conference on National and global health care for all; past, present and the future. (Presented on September 27th to 29th 2017 at Hotel Africana).